For over 150 years, MAFCO has been the world leader in manufacturing high quality licorice extracts and licorice extract-based flavors.

The process starts with the collection of high quality raw materials. Licorice roots, from the Glycyrrhiza species of plants, are harvested in the wild when the plant is approximately four years old. Roots are collected, cleaned, dried and packaged by MAFCO’s suppliers across multiple locations in Central Asia and the Middle East.

MAFCO maintains multiple sources of supply and relationships with several suppliers so that, if the licorice root from any one source becomes temporarily unavailable, MAFCO can replace that source with licorice root from another area or supplier within the MAFCO supply network. MAFCO generally maintains a supply of licorice roots between two and three years of its annual demand.

MAFCO selects licorice roots from various sources in its manufacturing process to optimize the finished product performance characteristics required by its customers. Licorice solids are extracted from the shredded root with hot water. After filtration and evaporation, the concentrated licorice extract is converted into a powder, semi-fluid or block form, depending on the customer’s requirements, and then packaged and shipped to customers from MAFCO’s Camden, NJ USA or its Gardanne, France licorice extract factories. MAFCO is also able to service its licorice extract customers from its two distribution facilities in Richmond, VA USA and Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu China.


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