Magnasweet® Products are used extensively in a wide range of Pharmaceutical applications including Chewable Tablets, Pediatric Formulations, Cough and Cold Syrups and Lozenges. Magnasweet®’s strong masking capabilities allow for delivery of active ingredients to consumers without the bitter aftertaste associated with many of these actives.

Traditional methods for flavoring high active pharmaceutical products include using high levels of flavorings. Magnasweet®’s masking effect allows for the neutralization of off-tastes, thereby allowing product developers to reduce the flavoring used in these products and to achieve an economic benefit over traditional methods. Similar results can be obtained with sweetness levels by utilizing Magnasweet®’s sweetness intensification and elongation attributes. Many product developers have been able to lower high intensity sweetener levels with the addition of low dosages of Magnasweet®.   Certain active ingredients result in chalky textures to products. Magnasweet® can improve the texture of these products by improving their mouthfeel.  This can result in a smoother, more palatable product for consumers.

Modulate Sweetness
- Intensifies sweetness of Pharmaceuticals to allow for reduction of primary sweetener
- Used to round out sweetness profile when used with high intensity sweetener systems

Masking Aftertaste
- Stops metallic and bitter aftertaste that accompanies high intensity sweeteners
- Masks background notes to allow for flavoring systems to be better defined

Enhance Flavors
- Enhances the overall profile of flavors
- Allows for a reduction in flavoring components used in the application

Improve Mouthfeel
- Increases mouthfeel in Pharmaceuticals to simulate a creamy or silky texture
- Used to compensate for products with a chalky texture

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