Mafco’s Magnasweet® lines of products are extraordinary and versatile masking agents, sweetness intensifiers and extenders and flavor enhancers. They are multifunctional for solving consumer product development problems across a wide variety of applications in such diverse industries as foods, beverages, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

The Magnasweet® line of products use as their key ingredient the ammonium salt forms of crude and refined Glycyrrhizic Acid. Glycyrrhizic Acid is the unique compound found only in the licorice root. Both Ammoniated Glycyrrhizin and Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate are natural flavor enhancers and are GRAS certified.

Glycyrrhizic Acid is also available as a pure derivative in both the sodium and potassium salt forms. In its pure form Glycyrrhizic Acid imparts no licorice flavor and can be used to eliminate undesirable tastes, intensify sweetness, prolong sweetness, enhance flavors and extend flavors.

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Magnasweet® functionality is applications specific based on Magnasweet® 100 Series, Magnasweet® 200 Series, Magnasweet® 300 Series, Taste Attributes, Final Product Applications, and Adjacent Sweetener Applications.

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