The Magnasweet® product line has been used extensively in a variety of food, beverage, oral healthcare, pharmaceutical, confectionery, nutraceuticals and cosmetic products.

Magnasweet® is a flexible product development tool which provides excellent masking properties, sweetness intensification and prolongation, flavor enhancement and oral sensory effects.

Dosage levels for Magnasweet® in most applications are very low. These low dosage ranges allow for the benefits of the product to be realized without impacting cost constraints. In many examples the improvements realized in sweetness intensity and flavor enhancement are repaid with reduction in usage of other ingredients in the product formulation.

Magnasweet® is widely used in low-calorie, low-salt and low-fat applications. Magnasweet® helps enhance the sweet taste of sugar and characteristic taste of other flavors often diminished when formulating from regular versions to “light” versions of products. In reduced-fat and non-fat applications Magnasweet® can give a “fuller” and “creamier” mouthfeel normally found in high fat content applications.

The Magnasweet® line has a wide range of products suited for your application needs. Mafco’s technical staff is ready to assist you in choosing the correct product and will provide dosage information to aid in the development of your application. Please select an application from the list on the left to find out more about how Magnasweet® can assist you with your development needs.

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