What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural high­intensity sweetener with no caloric value which is 200 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. In 2008 Rebaudioside ­ A 97%, a Stevia Glycoside, as approved by the US FDA for use in foods and beverages.

Where is it used?

Stevia is capable of working in a wide range of applications including carbonated drinks, fruit drinks and juices, powdered beverage mixes, tea-based drinks, soy-based drinks, mixers for alcoholic beverages, sugar and chocolate confectionary products, chewing gums, cough and cold remedies, lozenges and vitamins, and chewable pharmaceutical tables.

Application issues with Stevia

Although Stevia is sweet, it also has a bitter off note in its taste profile and can exhibit irregular sweetness profiles when used in different applications.

Magnasweet® Application Benefits

Magnasweet® products are extremely effective in masking the bitter aftertaste associated with Stevia in applications. They can also enhance the overall sweetness profile and the characteristic flavor of the product. Using Magnasweet® can also reduce the application dosage of both Stevia and other flavor ingredients while providing exceptional product performance.

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